To maintain the academic integrity of our courses, online students are required to take a minimum of one proctored test per course each semester.  We understand that many students take online classes for flexibility, so we offer three options to meet this requirement.

Students may schedule a testing appointment at our Tishomingo or Ardmore testing centers during normal business hours. 

Students may schedule a test at an off-site testing center (testing center fees may apply).

Option 1
Option 2

Murray State College uses the Accuplacer Next-Generation placement test.


Students may take the placement test at our Tishomingo or Ardmore testing centers or another Accuplacer-certified testing facility.  Our testing center coordinators can help you find an Accuplacer Remote Program facility in your area.

Students needing placement testing in math will take the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) test.  Based on their QAS score, they may also be required to complete the Arithmetic test.

Students needing placement testing in reading, writing, or English will take the Writeplacer Essay test.  

Practice questions and study guides are available at uniontestprep.com and mathhelp.com.

Option 3

Honorlock is a service that allows test-takers to complete exams at their convenience from any secured area with internet access, a computer, and a webcam.

More information on how Honorlock works, technical support, and the answers to frequently asked questions can be found at honorlock.com/students.

Students access Honorlock through their Blackboard account.  No appointment is necessary.

Due to COVID precautions and limited testing availability, students may be eligible for course placement using other factors.  An advisor will be able to determine if placement testing is needed prior to enrollment.  

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